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Our company with fifteen years of experience in the development and production of exhaust systems for motorcycles offers quality products developed in cooperation with leading Czech racers and tuners .
The knowledge gained at the highest load in motorcycle racing is transformed into production standard exhaust systems. Before getting the finished product to the customer through the following process .

 On the new model will make its first test motorcycle silencer or a complete system . Followed by serial measurement of performance exhaust and a comparison made ​​with prototypes.

After examining the basic measurement using the lambda probe set fuel maps and any necessary adjustment. If necessary, adjust fuel map in the original control unit or via Powercomanderu . The exhausts for racing applications , where it is mainly the maximum increase in performance and torque tuning is a must. For this purpose, we provide a complete alignment for a fully tunable control units. Then you drive with the necessary exhaust kilometers and investigate the influence of the exhaust on the conduct of the exercise and the effect of such disconnection of the exhaust throttle , oxygen sensor and catalyst of ( for racing ) . If the exhaust does not have a negative effect on ride, performance and durability and produce the necessary documentation , and products will be included in the production program.

The basic material used for the production of exhaust pipes, silencers and accessories are stainless steel for exhaust systems . Another material used is mostly titanium alloy , carbon . Silencer filled by several types according to the degree of use ( racing applications , normal operation, 2T, 4T) .
Welding exhaust parts we provide state of the art methods (plasma, TIG) . Auxiliary console and sleeves are burned by laser beam flanges and exhaust are manufactured on CNC milling machines . Mufflers are designed to visually match the design of the motorcycle and were easiest to install original downspouts and brackets .

 Each exhaust RP delivered as a complete set including mounting accessories and instruction manual . Of course, it all customer service with the repair or replacement of individual parts of the exhaust !
Exhausts RP can be purchased , installed and possibly tune in-house or under the same terms and conditions with trained dealers throughout the country.


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